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Biology Accomplishments Reporting

Biology Accomplishments Reporting

ARC Highlights The Client: Fundamental Space Biology Program

The Challenge: Three years after it was established, NASA’s Fundamental Space Biology (FSB) Division realized that it was nearly invisible within NASA Headquarters and to its own Center management thereby producing a significant risk to adequate future funding and support. FSB needed a concise, integrated way to track and share ongoing accomplishments with their management.

The Solution: Mains Associates teamed with the client to strategize how FSB could most effectively develop an online presence to demonstrate and share the importance of its research. We identified the need for a system for ongoing accomplishments tracking and reporting. Ongoing accomplishments tracking evolved into weekly research highlights reports that were distributed across its organization, and to NASA management at Ames Research Center (ARC), and NASA Headquarters. To better capture and illustrate the value of FSB research, we created weekly reports based on the technical content from NASA spaceflight and ground research. The reports appealed to broad audiences by creating compelling research stories including images, statements of relevance to NASA’s objectives, benefits to the public and linking to associated publications and background information. The format makes it easy to read and share among the researchers, management, and colleagues who have an interest in the content.The weekly Highlights Reporting continued for the duration of the FSB Program at NASA Ames Research Center.

The immediate result was that accomplishments were produced in greater quantity and more predictably, providers learned how to better recognize a significant accomplishment, management received more understandable content, and everyone involved better understood the real value of the FSB program.

Download an example of the Weekly Highlights Search the Weekly Highlights online

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