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Centrifuge White Paper

Centrifuge White PaperCAM White Paper

The client: NASA's Life Science Division

The challenge: As the budget for the International Space Station (ISS) grew, and NASA's R&D budget declined, projects, specifically ISS elements, would have to be prioritized. Though many life scientists had been working in the field for years, few had a comprehensive view of the rationale for a centrifuge on the ISS and were unable to clearly and in a compelling manner advocate for the Centrifuge and the ISS Centrifuge Accommodation Module (CAM).

The Solution: Mains Associates reviewed the body of research and literature related to variable gravity experiments. We then considered how the results of that research have and would continue to affect NASA's manned space flight program and life here on earth. Knowing that the main objective of the White Paper was to enable researchers and NASA to advocate for the CAM, we designed a question and answer format to communicate its features and benefits. The white paper served as a knowledge base use in meetings, presentations, and other communications by NASA management at Division and Headquarters level.

Download the Centrifuge Accommodation Module White Paper.

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