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Research Accomplishments Report

Research Accomplishments ReportFSB Report

Client: Fundamental Space Biology Program

The Challenge: Three years after it was established, NASA’s Fundamental Space Biology (FSB) Division realized that it was nearly invisible within NASA Headquarters, its parent organization, thereby producing a significant risk to future funding and support. FSB needed a concise, integrated description of its structure, research programs, and accomplishments to communicate the value and benefits of its R&D across NASA, to Congress, and the public.

The Solution: Mains Associates teamed with the client to strategize how FSB could most effectively demonstrate and share the importance of its research. We identified a critical product for the continued success of the organization: the program’s first-ever Accoomplishments report. Using our expertise in content and design, we developed an attractive, 60-page publication that described the program and its research in language that both management and the general public could understand. The Fundamental Space Biology Accomplishments Report, 2000-2003 provides a comprehensive description of the FSB Program, its structure and R&D highlights that were of significant importance to NASA and the public.The FSB Division Manager, pleased with the results, distributed the report to key offices at NASA Headquarters and placed it on the Headquarters web site.

The immediate results of this new visibility were that accomplishments were produced in greater quantity and more predictably, providers learned how to better recognize a significant accomplishment, management received more understandable content, and everyone involved better understood the real value of the FSB program

Download the FSB Accomplishments Report

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