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Robotic Lunar Exploration Program

Robotic Lunar Exploration Program

RLEP Website The Client: NASA's Robotic Lunar Exploration Program

The Challenge: NASA Headquarters had assigned management of the lunar robotic program to NASA Ames Research Center. Under tight deadlines and with little staff support, the program had to develop a Web presence that not only described the program, but also achieved the educational goals that are a required part of every NASA program.

The Solution: Using our long history of research and documentation for NASA spaceflight missions, Mains Associates was able to research the history of lunar spaceflight and the current mission(s) and develop a proposed site architecture with little time investment on the program's part. Then, working in conjunction with a designated NASA education specialist, we developed content for the site that provided both historical and current lessons on spaceflight, its purpose, and what scientists hoped to learn. While the content development was progressing, Mains Associates worked with our technology partner to develop an informative site with a unique design that still fit within NASA strict Web requirements. Through a mix of text, images, and video content, Mains Associates was able to launch a working version of the site in 30 days, and continued to supervise content development until the client took over.

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