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California Innovation Corridor


InnovateCalifornia.net Website The Client: California Space Authority - WIRED Project

The Challenge: The California Space Authority (CSA) was given responsibility by the State of California for managing a 3-year, $15million grant program stressing "the critical role talent development plays in creating effective regional economic development strategies." CSA immediately recognized two problems. First, $15million over 3 years would just be the beginning; in order to be successful, the grant would have to become self-sustaining through outside involvement. Second, managing the flow of information and profiling the projects, partners, and their accomplishments would be a herculean task.

The Solution: Mains Associates made an in-kind contribution by adapting our existing system for profiling accomplishments within NASA (a WIRED partner) for WIRED use. This system was placed within a Website created specifically for the Program that profiled common Program goals, objectives, and other information while linking to the variety of resources available to WIRED Program partners. This helped to raise the profile of the WIRED Program in the business community within the WIRED region. The Success Stories system itself provided more detailed profiles of the Projects, their participating Partners, and the Projects' accomplishments. Within the profiles were goals, objectives, and ways for interested, like-minded outside organizations to get involved. These profiles were created through our accomplishments profiling process which allows us to review and research from any relevant information the Projects and Partners have and create compelling benefits-focused stories that bring the Projects to life and raise their profile. The system has been promoted by the Department of Labor as a promising practice for 38 other grant recipients and recognized the California Space Authority as one of the nation’s leading management organizations in the WIRED Program. Interested outside partners from as far away as India have made inquiries, and the Program is on its way to self-sustainability. Visit InnovateCalifornia.net

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